Mental Heal case stady

A case study is an authentic assessment approach that allows you to demonstrate that you can appropriately respond to a person having a mental health crisis, based on their clinical presentation and what is required of you by law as a health practitioner.
Total 1500 words, 3 sections
1. Explain the biopsychosocial model, and using your understanding of this model, discuss how Peter’s psychological and social function has been impacted by his mental illness. Subsequently, using the knowledge you have gained from this course, discuss how substance use and mental health issues can impact each other (approx. 600 words)
2. Examine two of the guiding principles underpinning the South Australian Mental Health Act (2009) and identify implications relevant to the scenario (approx. 400 words)
3. With reference to the Case Study scenario, outline the services available in your local area that could be utilised to support Peter and/or his carer(s)/ family using a recovery-oriented approach(approx. 500 words)