Midterm Project

Your submission for the Midterm Project should be a Jamovi file with a .omv extension AND a document with the information outlined below:

A. Select one of the datasets provided.

B. Create two sets of hypotheses (i.e., a research/alternative AND a null hypothesis for each).

One must be able to be tested using an independent means and independent samples t-test.
One must be able to be tested using a dependent means or paired samples t-test.
C. Describe the variables you used in your hypotheses.

Describe the variables in words.
Describe the variables numerically. For example, present measures of central tendency and variability (when appropriate) for the major variables.
Describe the variables graphically, creating at least one box plot, one histogram, and one frequency table. You should interpret these and not simply present the graphs/tables.
You should interpret these and not simply present the numbers.
Report demographic information using variables of sex, age, COVID-19 risk, and/or family history of depression.
D. Test your hypotheses using the appropriate statistical procedure in Jamovi. For each hypothesis write a paragraph that states the statistics you ran and why.

Write the results of what you found in APA style and provide relevant output at the end of the report.
State whether your results support or fail to support your hypothesis.
E. Create a report (approximately 4-6 pages) that combines what you completed and found in main bullet points B – D; this will be similar to the Template linked above.