Moral Assessment Paper (MAP) – Borrowing A Friends Clothes Without Asking

Your paper should be 4-6 pages in length. (This does not include the cover page that has your name or group members’ names, the class name and semester, and a reference page in MLA Format.

Assignment Instructions
In MAP #1, your paper should do the following:
Describe the fictional or real case or situation to which you will examine or apply the moral theory. (No more than one page.)
Explain how this moral theory informs your ethical choice when you face a moral challenge in this fictional or real case study or situation (from two to three pages maximum).
Offer a criticism of the moral approach, suggesting that the theory is defective or falls short in some fashion (one to two pages maximum).
For MAP #1, it might be easiest to make the case study the very same one you created for CEPP #1: viz., the otherwise fictional case where you violated some campus policy. (I realize if it is a fictional case, it isnt drawn from real-life!)
If youd rather create a case (or situation) closer to home (as it were), you can do so based on something you did or might do. For example, did you ever go out to a party (where friends took out their phones to take pictures of you drinking from a red cup) and then tell your parents the next day you were actually at the library all last night (and hope no one posted those pictures on social media where you parents might see them)? Or perhaps you stole some papers and pens from work to use at home, thinking it wasnt really a big deal. (I swear, I dont do that when in my campus buildings room and notice an extra box of pens lying around.) Maybe you were at a party and kissed someone a little too passionately, but later, when asked by your romantic partner about the party, you sidestep the question. (I saw folks kissing in the hallway, can you believe it?) Or maybe you use your friends Netflix or Hulu login name and password to watch programs instead of paying for your own subscription? (Everyone does it, it isnt a big deal, and they make enough money anyway.)
In short, you can either use the same case in MAP #1 as you did in CEPP #1, or create a new one based on something you did or might do. If you do the former, describe the case again in less than a page at the start of MAP #1. If you do the latter, please spend no more than the first page of MAP #1 describing the facts of the case.
After describing the case, you can begin your moral analysis or examination. That examination should explain how the moral theory informs your ethical choice when your face that moral challenge in real life that you described on page one.
After you describe the case in question, and offer a moral examination using Utilitarianism or Kantian morality theory, the paper should offer a criticism of that moral approach, suggesting that the theory is defective, or falls short, in some fashion.
About two weeks after you turn in MAP #1, Ill grade it with comments and return it to you. After that, youll turn in MAP #2, the rewrite. MAP #2 adds one section (to MAP #1) to argue how and why that criticism (from MAP #1), while suggestive, is not as significant as it at first appears, or can be more-or-less addressed as missing the mark, etc.

Here are readings that will help write and source this assignment:

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