movie project

In a 4-page paper, written in APA format using appropriate spelling/grammar, address the items below. 1.View the movie you selected and find 4 concepts that you have learned about either from the following list or that you have found within the readings and lessons each week. The list below is not exhaustive but can help you to pick some concepts from the different topics we have discussed in the course. You can pick any concept with a definition from the course material or textbook to apply to your movie. Culture Dominant Culture High or Low Context Culture High or Low Power Distance Individualism/Collectivism Ethnocentricity Perception Perception checking Attending Selective attention Stimulus temperament The Self Self-concept Self-image Self-Esteem Self-Awareness Listening Comprehensive Listening Evaluative Listening Empathic Listening Appreciative Listening Interrupting Daydreaming Verbal Messages Denotation Connotation Polarization Static Evaluation Nonverbal Messages Paralanguage Eye Contact 4 Zones of space Emotional Messages Apology Relationships Initiation Experimenting Intensifying Bonding Autonomy/Connection Closedness/Openness Conflict Avoidance Accommodation Competition Compromise Collaboration 2.Identify at least 4 scenes from the movie that feature different elements of communication. For instance, if the characters in the movie started a relationship and clearly showed the initiating stage of relationships, you could choose that element to define and describe how it was portrayed in the scene. For each scene: Properly cite the definition of the communication element that is featured. Describe the character interactions and how they portray the communication element. Demonstrate your understanding of the communication element by analyzing how the character`s interactions portray the communication element. Be sure to include your own insight and thoughts. 3.Include quotes from at least 3 credible resources into your analysis. Be sure to include APA formatted in-text citations and References for your resources.