Network Security Roundup

Your individual project for this unit has you preparing a 13-16 slide presentation on 3 network security careers and list common certifications pursued by professionals working in those careers. There are certifications supporting specific vendor products and some generic to the industry so this will also be required content in the presentation. Follow the technical and format guidelines below when completing your presentation:
Title slide (1 slide)
Topics of Discussion slide (highlighted career and certification points in the presentation) (1 slide)
Description of 3 careers are available to someone interested in working in the field of network security (3-4 slides)
Common professional certifications pursued by network security professionals (3-4 slides)
Identify and describe certifications designed to support a specific vendor product, and those which are generic to the industry (3-4 slides)
Conclusion slide (1 slide)
Reference slide (details references in APA format) (1 slide)

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