Nominate Dr. Christi McGeorge for the “Innovative Teaching Award”

I′d like you to write me a one-page summary of how my professor, Dr. Christi McGeorge, uses innovative teaching in her online Asynchronous class ″Human Development and Family Science 275.″ I′ve attached the syllabus for you (can guide in your writing), which goes over the course details and the innovative materials she provides students to improve their learning and grades.

In Fall 2022 this year, I was able to take the course with her online. My current grade is a ″A.″ When I have questions about exams or lecture materials, the professor will connect with me on ″Teams″ and share her screen with me with the materials that need to be further explained.

She also helps her teacher assistant Shawn Carlson in creating and recording ″YuJa Video Content″ on a weekly basis, which includes collaborative revision of questions and answers from lecture PowerPoint/videos/and activities.

To help students understand the chapters/concepts being taught, we used a lot of NPR/crush course and other lecture materials video links.

Dr. McGeorge made significant contributions in terms of creative teaching innovations and strategies that promote effective and deeper learning.

Basically, I want her to win the award, so make your writing stand out!