Nursing integrity

assignment should be typed and include:
o Title page
o Introduction
o Define Integrity.
o Identify the concepts of professional Integrity in the nursing
o The Introduction should provide a clear roadmap for what you will
discuss in your paper.
o Body of the paper
o How do professional nurses develop Integrity?
o Describe and Support with examples the elements that determine
an individual’s Integrity.
o Think about yourself.
o What are your beliefs and how do they align with your actions?
o Provide 2-3 specific examples from previous life experiences.
o Describe a situation where you remained silent or spoke up when
your values were violated.
o What were the circumstances that caused you to remain silent or speak
when violations of your values
o What were some pressures on you in that moment?
o How do you think others saw you because of what you said or didn’t
say, did or didn’t do?
o Discuss a situation where you have displayed Integrity in the
clinical setting
o How would you like to further develop your Integrity?
o Describe your plan to develop this behavior for yourself.
(Source: Adapted from “Integrity”, Thorsborne, Margaret,
in The7 Heavenly Virtues of Leadership, Barker, Carolyn andCoy,
Robyn, ed. (2003) in the RWJF New Careers in Nursing Leadership
Development Toolkit.)
o Conclusion
o References
o Minimum of 3 scholarly references, including nursing journals.
References must be within last 5 years.
o Correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation.

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