Occupational Stress and Employees performance

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2.1 Introduction: Explain the content of this section.
2.2 Theories and models: Please check this link as an example, it contains different theories. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/309037093_Organization_Culture_Theory_From_Organizational_Culture_of_Schein_to_Appreciative_Inquiry_of_Cooperrider_Whitney
2.3 Within the organizational setting – Examples: Please check this link as an example, it contains different examples: https://emplify.com/blog/diversity-inclusion-culture-examples/
2.4 Gap in the literature: Tell us what is unique about your research, which others have not done? May be a use of Group-Grid Cultural theory?? In case you decide with Group-grid cultural theory. Then your Gap will be:
Previous studies have not explored the organizational culture from the perspective of group-grid theory.
2.5 Hypothesis: Your hypotheses should be something like this: There is no significant impact of organizational culture and diversity on the performance of the organization. You can always email me about your own topic and I can help you
2.6 Summary of the literature: Please summarize the above section.