opposing cultural groups please review details on intructions

1 Review and implement any recommendations from your instructor from Part 1: Cultural Group Selection. You will be graded on this.
2 Thoroughly research and analyze the conflict chosen from Part 1: Cultural Group Selection.
3 Write an objective, academic research paper that does not include personal opinion or sources from news, media, blogs, .com sites or other non-scholarly/authoritative sources.
Present a thesis statement, a brief overview of the conflict, including a brief history, who the two groups are composed of, how they came about and the purpose of the paper.
You must objectively analyze the conflict without injecting personal opinion, bias or arguments for one side or the other, using only scholarly/authoritative sources to support your responses to the following prompts:

What is the history of the conflict involving your selected opposing cultural groups?
What are the two opposing cultural groups perspectives on the conflict?
How do the beliefs, values and/or cultural perspectives of each opposing cultural group contribute to the social conflict?
What social perceptions does each cultural group have about the other group and how does that contribute to the social conflict?
How does your faith or worldview impact your perception of the conflict?


1 Research the scholarly/authoritative literature to cite and recommend mediation strategies that have been used in similar scenarios.
2 Write about how the tensions between the opposing groups might be mediated following the requirements below.
Write from the perspective of a helping professional acting as mediator for two groups requiring conflict mediation.
Write in third person perspective, not personalized subjective point of view.
Do not advocate for one group or against either group.
Do not include personal opinion or bias in your paper.
3 Address the following application prompts:
Which perspectives about each group would you want the opposite group to know to help them better understand each other’s standpoint?
What can be done to overcome social perceptions each group has about the other that contribute to the social conflict?
What cultural expectations, assumptions and/or social perceptions about gender roles might come in to play within the conflict?
How might a mediators faith or worldview be a help or perhaps present bias in mediating this cultural conflict?
4 Cite and recommend appropriate mediation or conflict resolution methods, strategies or techniques found in the research literature that have been shown to be helpful in similar scenarios requiring mediation of oppositional clients.
You are required to cite and paraphrase at least two scholarly/authoritative sources (other than the textbook) to support the recommended mediations or conflict resolution methods, strategies or techniques.


Summarizes key points from the body of the paper
Identifies scenarios where the mediation techniques might be applied in real world scenarios in future work settings.

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