Part 4: Portfolio Project

Evaluate scholarly and professional resources to determine credibility and appropriateness for evidence-based practice.
Analyze the interrelationships among theory, practice, and research.
Employ evidence-based decision making to address a current health concern using the research process.
Integrate reliable evidence from multiple ways of knowing to inform practice and make clinical judgments.
Evaluate data from relevant sources, including technology, to inform the delivery of care.
Examine the elements of the research report.
Review all parts of the Portfolio Project assignment. In this module you will analyze the results and conclusions areas of the research studies you are using to support your proposed policy change.

Action Items
Utilizing the five studies you analyzed in Module 3, examine the results and conclusions in relation to your proposed policy change. Include the following elements, using the template provided:
Summarize the results of the five studies you chose, in approximately 2-3 paragraphs per study.
Summarize the conclusions of the five studies you chose in approximately 2-3 paragraphs per study. Include areas that were identified for further study.
For each of the five studies, identify how the results and conclusions support your proposed policy change.
Remember to provide the reference for each article in your summary, and include a reference page.
Keep in mind your PICOT question, and revise it if necessary.

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