Part III: Data-Based Improvement Project

This assignment challenges you to analyze the data you identified as essential to building your improvement plan. In your paper, you will include a description of the data, visuals that enable your audience to relate to the data, your analysis of the data, and a reaffirmation of how you will use the data to make improvements. Approach this assignment in the same way you would approach using data in your current workplace to make improvements.

Assignment Directions
Locate/download the full data set that you want to analyze. Include the following information in your paper:
Describe the data set and the elements and content you gathered from it. Include your access, the description of the sample, the source of the data, and specific components available for review.
Analyze the data by creating (or including) graphics that represent the main points (charts, graphs, tables). These illustrations should be chosen purposefully to help visually represent the data that aligns to your problem area. Describe each graph for your readers. After the visual representations, summarize areas of strength from the data, areas of weakness in general, and what notable/specific area(s) you want to improve.
Conclude with a description of stakeholders that have a vested interest in the improvement of this data and what role they could potentially have in the development and implementation of an improvement plan.

Page Requirements:
5-7 pages, excluding the title page and references.

This assignment should include a reference for the data set. You will need your APA manual for this assignment.

Please consider using the Writing Studio for feedback on this assignment.
You can find directions on how to use the resource in student resources.

Please submit/attach this assignment in MS Word as LastNameWeek#Course# (e.g., Davis Week 5 RSM551).