Perimeter and Web Application Security

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our individual project consists of an 11-14 slide presentation on web security mitigation strategies and tools. For this assignment you will detail the WASP framework and common security tools to include a web application security scanner, anti-virus software, and firewall technology. Please ensure your presentation conforms to the following technical subject area and format:
Title Slide (1 slide)
Topics of Discussion Slide (1 slide)
Discuss the purpose and functionality of Web Application Vulnerability Scanners within the OWASP framework (1-2 slides)
Provide research speaking to at least 3 of the following vulnerabilities below facing vulnerabilities scanners today (3-4 slides):
Cross-site scripting
SQL Injection
Command Injection
Path Traversal
Insecure server configurations
Discuss the differences in functionality between the OWASP Web Application Firewall and traditional Network Firewalls. (3-4 slides)
Conclusion slide (1 slide)
Reference slide in APA format (1 slide)