PHI 100: DB# 12 Human Nature

Think about a special topic in philosophy called Philosophical Anthropology. While this seems like a mouthful, this is just a fancy way of saying the philosophical study of human nature. In other words, philosophical anthropology is asking metaphysical, epistemological, logical, and ethical questions about human beings. What’s a human? What’s the character of human existence? How should humans live? How do we know how humans should live? Are humans, by nature, evil? These questions and others than stem from them get at the heart of philosophical anthropology.

What’s interesting about philosophical anthropology is that many people operate with an implicit understanding of human nature. What you need to do is lay out some features/aspects of human nature that you are think are important or interesting. Take the time to explain the feature(s), how they relate to or are a part of human nature, and the kind of question (metaphysical, epistemological, logical, or ethical) you are asking in relation to philosophical anthropology.

Don’t use dictionary definitions; instead, rely on your experience to develop as clear definitions as possible.