Photo Essay on Indigenous Day of Action in CANADA

Create a photo essay composed of 8 photos of the event, credit the photos you choose using proper MLA format.
Before you search for photographs, research the event.
* Why did the protest take place? What was the inciting incident?
* What is the background to that incident?
* Who organized the protest? Who were the protesters?
* Where and when did it take place?
* Did it remain peaceful or were there damage or casualties?
* Did any change result from the protest?
Aim to tell a story with your photo essay. Title or write a caption for each photo.
Once you have the photo essay completed, write an explanatory paragraph that meets the following criteria:
why you decided on this topic
a brief description of the events you are portraying, which should include your research – reason, name of organization, date and place and other relevant information
explain at least three decisions you made in shaping your assignment
describe a challenge you encountered and how you overcame it.

Please only accept this order if you’re familiar with the proper format of a photo essay.

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