Pilot Program for PrEp

Please copy and paste the weblink below and read the article called ”
From Grindr to PrEP: Innovative sexual health program flourishes in NYC”

Now that you are familiar with elements of a pilot program, please answer the following questions within your post if you were implementing this PREP program in your agency.

Please read the scenario below upon reading the article:
You have been hired as a Health Education Manager to implement this same program in a Health Clinic in the Bronx. In your post include the following and don’t forget to cite your textbook and 2 journal articles within this post:
Textbook: McKenzie, J. F., Neiger, B. L., & Thackeray, R. (2016). Planning, Implementing & Evaluating Health Promotion Programs (7th ed.). Pearson Education (US).

1. Please describe your Health Communication Strategy in detail? 1-2 paragraphs
2. Please describe your Health Education Strategy in detail? 1-2 paragraphs
3. Please document your learning objective for your Health Education Strategy?
Upon completing the “I’m Prepared” wrokshop, 80 % of participants from the South Bronx would be able to list three ways to reduce HIV transmission.
4. How would you evaluate your learning objective above? 1-2 paragraphs