PNCI Scenario: A. Quintona

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I already answered the questions but think I have more than needed. Also need help with the words I chose. Anyway the senerio is below with the questions I used. You may change around as need be. Please remember this is APA 7. you can use at least 2 resources. Question let me know.

SCENARIO OVERVIEW: The patient is an 85-year-old individual
with advanced breast cancer with extensive metastasis to the bones, brain, and
liver. The patient is in a hospice bed on the Medical-Surgical Unit and has
ascites, with distended and tight abdomen, dyspnea, minimal responsiveness and
inability to swallow. Her daughter and spouse are at the bedside.

1. The ethical and legal issues of advanced directives
including the role and responsibilities of the healthcare surrogate
2. Discuss the nursing management of the patient-family unit
at end-of-life
3. Discuss nursing care of the patient/family unit after the
death of the patient