Poetry Reflection on poems from the book Customs by Solmaz Sharif

Prompt: We have discussed poetry for the last five weeks of class. Poetry is a form of both reflection and growth. What have you learned about poetry that has heightened your awareness and appreciation for the world around you?

Types of Poetry covered: Modern, Sonnets, Spoken word

Answer this prompt for the Poetry analysis –

After completing a survey of poetry, poems reflect the time in which they live. Using three poems from the book, Customs reflect how you have seen reflections of yourself and the world in these selections. Evidence from the poems read must be included. Works cited page and in-text citations. For in text citations do not direct quote but paraphrase please. One of the sources has to be the novel Customs By Solmaz Shariff. I provided three poems from the novel in the uploaded files but feel free to chose which ever poems you see is easier in the novel Customs by solmaz Sharif.