police brutality and corruption

The details:
 1,500 -2,500 words, excluding Works Cited page
 the final draft must include at least six (6) secondary sources, four (4) of which must be
 Collectively worth 400 points (40% of total grade)
-50 points for the Proposal, 350 points for the final draft of the essay
 A missing early draft will result in a 5% deduction from your final grade
 Failure to meet with a Research librarian will result in a 5% deduction from your final
This assignment addresses all the Course Outcomes for the First Year Writing sequence:
 Analyze the audience, occasion, and purpose of a rhetorical situation in order to
formulate a response to an idea or problem.
 Generate ideas through both discovery and consultation of a variety of sources.
 Develop ideas fully, offering compelling support and evidence for assertions or
 Organize ideas coherently, integrating sources effectively and documenting them
 Edit writing for clarity, precision, and stylistic effectiveness.
 Proofread writing to ensure grammatical and mechanical correctness.
Assume your reader, like you, is willing to grow and change. Also assume that they know less
about the issue in question. That means you need to
 provide sufficient context for them—they need to understand why the question requires
resolution in the first place.
 provide a clear explanation of your proposed solution and the reasons and evidence that
have led you to it.
o present not only the strongest rationale and evidence for your stance, but that you
provide your reader with the strongest rationale and evidence from different
viewpoints and respond to them. Leaving out opposing views will make your
argument a straw man, so you must include and respond to them.

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