Policies and Procedures (Deviance and Crime)

A review of key paper components
Generally, be sure you focus on an illustration or elaboration of concepts, theories, etc. from criminology, juvenile and criminal justice, deviance/sociology and/or social justice focused on a topic related to juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice. Interpret/analyze and explain in your own words/writing voice (at some point, either woven into the body of the paper–a define concept, provide example, give your critical analysis/explanation/reasoning/interpretation, repeating this structure every few paragraphs after the introduction style paper–or in the last couple paragraph discussion/conclusion section structure, giving your critical analysis, your opinions and reasoning, and takeaways section, however you prefer to write it), and be sure to use and explain/define terms/concepts/theories carefully, You should use APA or ASA formatting and style for page structure and references/in-text citations.

Directions: You are required (individually) to write a research paper on a topic related to juvenile delinquency, deviance and crime, the process and structure of the juvenile justice system, delinquency prevention, the control of juvenile delinquency and its relationship to criminal and/or social justice, etc. Your paper should apply a theory/concept/set of concepts to a particular phenomenon, extend previous theory or concepts, and/or consolidate or integrate theory, concepts, and information in a new and innovative way (it should be something that is not just condensing information but critically thinking about some topic or theme in a new way specifically pertaining to subjects in this class). This topic must be approved by me before the time you return from Spring Break (a form including a 5-sentence proposal template serving as a course engagement exercise will be provided and submitted on Canvas where I will provide feedback). The paper should approach academic journal article length (20 pages) including a title page, abstract page, body of the text, references, and any charts or tables (DO NOT overload the paper with unnecessary charts to extend the length of the paper). The paper must conform to ASA or APA guidelines, be 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins. My expectation for the paper is that it is of sufficiently high quality to be presented at a professional conference (or at least be a solid foundation for such a presentation). I strongly encourage all students to write a paper that could lead to a publication. I will be happy to discuss your paper with you and provide any guidance that I can.

5 Sentence Proposal Included in the attachment…