Words: 306
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Research Papers: Students will write and submit two different 1500 word
or (minimum) 6 to (maximum) 8-page papers (double spaced) based on separate assignment
Participation: Revel Reading & assignments, includes shared writing. 15%
Reflection Paper due – June 7 (Week 5) 15%
Midterm Exams- online – June 21 (Week 7) 20%
Research Papers due – July 12 (week 10) 20%
Final Exam: Online TBD by ICM 30%
Total: 100%
instructions. Each paper must be typed, double-spaced, printed single-sided, and use Times New
Roman font size 12 and the APA Style for referencing and citations. Essay # 1 (Reflection Paper)
is due in week 5. Essay # 2 (Term Paper) is due in Week 11 for each section. Essay assignments
submitted after the due date will attract late penalties. I will consider extensions on a case by case
basis and in accordance with the policies laid out on page 6 of this course outline. If you have a
valid and documented reason for needing an extension, please speak with well ahead of the due
Essay Assignment Guidelines: Each essay must have a clear main argument (thesis statement) in
the introductory paragraph. The body of the paper must support this argument. The essay must
also have:
A summary of supporting and contradictory scholarly views on the topic.
Researched facts that are drawn from academic sources, including the course textbook, and
cited accordingly. NOTE: Wikipedia (and other similar websites) is not an acceptable
source if you cite Wikipedia, you will lose points.
The students own argument or position on the topic or issue. The argument or position
must be informed by relevant facts and scholarly views.
A concluding paragraph that summarizes the main arguments and reinforces the thesis
Proper citation for words, statements, figures, and ideas that are not your own. You must
follow the APA Style rules and use in-text bracketing. NOTE: the style guide is easily
found online, on the course webpage, or in the UM library.
Include a reference list/bibliography showing all of the sources used in the paper. You must
cite a minimum of 5 to 6 sources for each piece of work. Do not pad the reference list with
items that you did not use.
Your cover page and reference list/bibliography are not included in the page count for the
paper. Ensure you have a title for your paper.