Positivity, Wellness, and Hope

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Subject: Premium Writing

Center for Positivity Well-Being and Hope

Please go the above website. You will see on the left hand side a link to Well Being and Hope. You can click on either of those and choose a Ted Talk or video to watch and write about. Write at least a complete 2 page reflection paper with a title page. (3 pages total) Please proofread and re check your grammar and punctuation. I will take off for multiple mistakes.
Title page: Name, class and section, assignment video, date.
Paper: 12pt.font, Times New Roman, double spaced
What was the title of the video you watched? Briefly summarize the video content.
Why did you choose it? Did you find it interesting? Why or why not?
Did you agree with what was said? If not, then why?
Describe what you gained from watching this video.
Did it have a positive affect on you?
What can you take away and learn from the video or talk after watching it?
How can you use it in your daily life and your future?
If you were asked to present a talk on positivity in your life, what would be the title of it?