Powerpoint presentations- MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

You will be provided with an established organization/campaign examine
and analyze. It will be presenteding the form of a PowerPoint

The analysis should begin with an overview of the organization/campaign
and then go on to address the following areas: significant individual
campaigns the organization has mounted over time (examine as many as you
feel necessary to illustrate what the organization is all about);
strengths and 5weaknesses of the organizations initiatives;controversies
and criticisms that have resulted; influences and effects of the

you will be creating slides per each component (the overview; individual
campaigns; strengths, weaknesses and controversies, etc.). In terms of
the presentation length, the best guideline is to simply make it as long
as is necessary to get allthe points across in an interesting,
compelling, engaging and complete way. That said, beware of information
overload on each slide. You need to impart information, but writing
paragraphs of text on a PowerPoint is counter-productive.(weight:35%)

note: Make sure to follow all the instructions carefully. Provide
substantial information for all the required sections and include a lots of photos that illustrate the campaign and support the material.

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