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You have been hired as a high school nutritionist and your first big task is to carry out a “Healthy Lifestyles” nutrition campaign. You want the students you work with to understand the relationship between the four categories of biological macromolecules and the food they eat. Please read these instructions carefully and in their entirety before starting on this assignment!

Prepare a brochure or flyer (this implies that you should include images!) that clearly and accurately educates your students about lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids in the context of an overall healthy diet. Your flyer should include a minimum of the following information about each type of macromolecule:

overall function in the body
types of food where each biomolecule can be found
an overall theme that emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet.
Take a look at the hints in this worked example for help completing this assessment.

Basic Requirements (the assignment will NOT be accepted or graded unless the follow criteria have been met; in other words, you will receive a ZERO on the assignment):

Assignment has been proofread and does not contain any major spelling or grammatical errors.
Assignment includes appropriate references.
Assignment includes a food source for each biomolecule illustrated.
Please note: Your submission will be assessed with Turnitin software to determine if there was any plagiarism. Please use your own words to complete assignment to avoid any issues.

Please submit your finished assignment as a file upload (Word file or PDF).