Problem Identification & Analysis

Words: 535
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Required Sources:

1. Textbook- Galotti, K. M. (2018). Cognitive psychology in and out of the laboratory (6th ed.). Sage Publications
Chapter 11: Thinking and Problem Solving
Chapter 12: Reasoning and Decision Making
2. Multimedia –
Branaghan, R. (2018, Aug). Barriers to problem solving [Youtube].
Practical Psychology (2016, Dec.) 12 Cognitive biases explained: How to think better and more logically removing bias [Youtube].
Chang, R. (2014, Jun). How to make hard choices [Youtube].
Iyengar, S. (2010, Jul). The art of choosing [Youtube].

3. Article-
Parks-Stamm, E. J., Pollack, J. S., & Hill, D. R. (2019). The impact of prayer direction on emotional and cognitive responses to personal problems. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.Advanced online publication. **Will Upload**

Before the Assignment:
Review Cognitive Psychology Chapter 11 on Problem-Solving.
Identify a personal, academic, or professional problem to be solved and then a related goal.
Remember! Problem simply means there is a discrepancy between your current state and your desired goal state. My current state and my goal state do not match; therefore, I have a problem. For example: Perhaps you need more knowledge on a specific topic or perhaps you desire to improve your academic writing.
For the purposes of this course, your problem should be something which would benefit from the application of cognitive concepts and/or theories.

Assignment should be in essay style (with introduction and conclusion paragraphs) and should:
Identify a personal, academic, or professional problem which could benefit from the application of cognitive psychology principles and methods and/or is relevant to cognitive psychology. The problem can be something immediate (e.g., current issues with school, work, or family ) or something more long term (e.g., career or future endeavors).
Describe your current state, your desired goal state, and the discrepancy between the states.
Identify at least four obstacles or barriers (these should be related to course material from Ch. 11 & 12 and videos) preventing your successful achievement of your goal state. Do not discuss in this paper how you would reach the goal state.

Submit a two-page essay (excluding title and reference pages) identifying your problem and barriers to achieving your goal state.
Include at least three (3) supporting sources (i.e., textbook and course articles and videos).
Follow APA style guidelines including title, reference, and citation formatting.
Refer to rubric for grading criteria.

Rubric: 65 Points

1. Identification of Goal – 15 Points
-Clearly identifies a goal related to Cognitive Psychology

2. Barriers to Problem Solving – 20 Points
-Clearly identifies Four (4) problem solving barriers affecting the problem.

3. In Text Citatations- 7 Points
-Citations are included thoughout the proposal and information is well supported.

4. References – 8 Points

5. Writing Mechanics and Formatting – 10 Points

6. Direction – 5 Points
-Follows all assignment gudelines