Professional Meeting Report

Assignment depository for Professional Meeting Report.


If possible attend a meeting of a selected local, state, or national nursing political action organization: Sigma Theta Tau, American Nurses Association, your local nursing association (ex. Mississippi Nurses Association – your local chapter), etc.

** Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, you may substitute this meeting with any of the following below after approval from your course instructor:

Attending a webinar virtually related to this topic
Interviewing the CNO of a hospital or healthcare facility
Interviewing a hospital administrator
Interviewing a local politician
This will give you an overview of the key elements of a report. You need to select the components that pertain to the themes addressed as you completed the assignment. While you do have some freedom in the headings you choose for inclusion in your report, every report must include the following headings:



Introduction and Background

Findings and Analysis


Be sure that your name and report title are displayed first on the cover page.

Make sure that all of the headings follow APA format and layout.

APA format is required and you must include citations and references.