Project on Ethical Issues

This paper will be written on the legal issue of Negligence
Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing this issue. Include background information, why this is an issue, the role of the leader in managing this issue, and proposed solutions.
Identify an ethical or legal issue in nursing, describe background information, and detail why the issue exists.
Identify an ethical or legal issue in nursing, identify the roles of the leader in managing the issue, and describe multiple proposed solutions.

Add presenter notes to the slide to enhance the content of the slides, as if you were presenting to a group, and this is your script.
Slides should not contain paragraphs of narrative. They should contain only bullet points or brief explanations.
The longer narratives go in your presenter notes.
Create a reference slide and put all references used in the presentation.
4-5 references are required (no older than 5 years)
Include citations on the slides.