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Module 1: Database Project Phase 1: Project proposal

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Find a topic, for personal use or at work, that is suitable for a database. Ample examples are provided in the course textbooks. For best results, pick a topic that is meaningful to your team. The proposal should be a minimum of 300 words and contain the following main sections:

Project Title: Assign a descriptive title to your database project.
Project Scope: Describe the boundaries of the project. For example, if the project is for a daycare center, the scope of the project may be: keeping records of all necessary details of children including name, parent’s phone number, age, special needs, etc.; information about the teacher, including name, degree, specialty, etc.; details of activities, toys in the daycare, food available in the canteen, etc.
Project Description: Here you will describe the nature of the business and the type of business activities that take place. Going back to the daycare example, a description would include the number of children and teachers/care providers, the number of the days per week it operates, activities for each day, expenses, income, etc.
Outline type of inquiries, reports, views that users of this system are interested in having in order to get the information they need. For the daycare example, a user may be interested in a list of all the children and information about each child, a list of activities, a list of care providers, income and expenses. Here you want to indicate the type of data retrieval or updates to the database that you will be performing on your database.
Possible Issues/Challenges: This is where you can list the roadblocks that you foresee may get in the way of progress on your project. The more descriptive you are, the better your instructor can guide you and help you resolve challenges before you get too far into the project.
Save your proposal under your team’s name and submit it in a Word document to the assignment submission link in Module 1. All team members will have to submit the final copy to receive credit for their work.

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