PROMPT: What are some ways that can help you select topics/angles to write about?

This is an introductory-level course aimed at helping incoming students develop the fundamentals of academic writing for use in university classes going forward (which is why freshmen are required to take not 1, but 2 writing courses . . . no matter what their respective majors may be). And, given that one of the most important skills that students struggle with (I know that I certainly did) is learning how to effectively incorporate the words and ideas of others into their own writing in ways that support their own words and ideas, you will need to use include the words and/or ideas of AT LEAST 2 SOURCES IN YOUR RESPONSES TO THE PROMPT. You have many options here:

Here is a brief example of how you might go about this in your Discussions:

Blah blah blah. Good points. Great ideas. Useful experiences. Blah blah blah. In fact, Wyrick speaks to this very concept when she explains in Steps to Writing Well that, “quote quote quote quote quote quote quote quote” (22). Blah blah blah. More good points. More good explanations. However, Smith disagrees in her YouTube video “The Truth about Verbs” when she argues that, “Quote quote quote” ( I actually agree more with Wyrick because . . . and so on . . .

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