Psoriatic Arthritis

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The research paper will be written in full paragraphs. Each of the questions listed below should be
answered in your term paper. Each
answer should be a paragraph or two long.
You will need to select a disease
and discuss the body system affected by the
disease. There are 6 questions you
will need to answer. The paper should be
3-5 pages in length with references in APA format.
Question 1: What is
the name and definition of the disease and the body system affected. (Note:
this answer must be footnoted since your response will require a direct quote
from a reliable source)
Question 2: What is
the normal homeostasis of the body system you selected?
Question 3: How does
this disease affect the normal homeostasis of the body system?
Question 4: How does
the patient present? What are the
signs and symptoms of the disease?
Question 5: What are the treatment options for this
disease? Is this disease reversible?
Question 6: Why did
you select this disease?

Papers must be typed, double spaced, (size 10-12 font), and
must contain a minimum of 3 reference sources in the bibliography. APA reference style format should be used
when preparing your research paper.