Qualitative Research Critique Paper

4. Read the article very carefully. You may need to read it two or more times to get used to reading a research article.
5. Complete the Research Critique Worksheet applying the critical appraisal principles discussed in Chapter 15.
6. Write the critique by addressing the worksheet critique questions. The critique is a paper written in a narrative essay format using APA style. The questions should be used as subheadings in the paper. Don’t merely respond, “Yes” or “no’ but provide examples from the article and rationale for your response to show that you understand the concept. Points will be deducted from your grade if you do not use the correct APA format to provide attribution for your sources. Submit the assignment in Webcampus by due date with the research report. A hard copy submission may also be required.
7. Title page and abstract not required. Reference list required.

Answer all questions under each sub headline as a paragraph format when writing this critique paper please do not just give yes or no answers.

Synopsis (20%)
1. Identify the title, author(s), year, design, and publication of the study
2. Is the purpose of the study presented? What experience, situation, or subculture does the researcher want to understand?
3. Does the researcher want to produce a description of an experience, a social process, or an event, or is the goal to generate a theory?
4. How was data collected?
5. How did the researcher control his or her biases and preconceptions?
6. Are specific pieces of data (e.g., direct quotes) and more generalized statements {themes, theories) included in the report?
7. What are the main findings of the study?

Credibility (30%)

1. Is the study published in a source that required that it be peer reviewed?
2. Were the methods used appropriate to the study purpose?
3. Was the sampling of observations and interviews persistent and varied enough to serve the purposes of the study?
4. Were collection methods effective in getting in-depth data?
5. Were data collection and analysis intermingled in a dynamic way?
6. Could the data collection methods have resulted in oversight, underrepresentation, or overrepresentation from certain types of sources?
7. Was the data presented in ways that provide a rich portrayer of what was experienced or happening and its context?
8. Does the data provided justify generalized statements, themes, or theories?
9. How do the findings fit with the findings of other studies regarding this issue?

Clinical Significance (25%)

1. Are the findings rich and informative?
2. Is the perspective provided potentially useful in providing insight, support, or guidance in assessing patient status and/or progress?
3. Is the significance (importance) of the problem discussed?
Applicability (25%)

1. Were the findings discovered in patients similar to those for whom we provide care?
2. Will incorporation of the findings into a protocol enhance the guidance provided to nurses?
3. Does the study have the potential to help solve a problem that is currently faced in clinical practice?

Note. Up to 10 points will be deducted for breaches in APA. Pay particular attention to cite others’ work appropriately in the text of your paper, as well as proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Getting assistance in the writing center is strongly recommended.

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