Race & Ethnic Relations

Part I: Short Answer. Please answer one of the following questions in 2 pages. Feel free to write more if you find it necessary. (2-page minimum)
1. In your Fitzgerald textbook Chapter 8 deals with Economic Inequality and the Role of the State. Can you tell me why it is important to understand economic inequality from a structural standpoint and explain what the role of the state has been? How have people of color been impacted and specifically explain policies that impacted them differently than it impacted white people. In Chapter 9 Housing is discussed. Please include a discussion on housing and then briefly use the film, Race The Power Of An Illusion: The House We Live In, to tie the two chapters together.
2. In this short essay I would like you to discuss the main ideas developed in Chapter 11, Race in the Cultural Imagination. What does culture has to do with the perpetuation of white supremacy, systematic racism, discrimination and prejudice? What do you think we can do to change the cultural messages so we can change our institutions and change the minds of people to think outside the trap of race? Use one film watched in the 2nd part of this class and discuss how cultural ideas are used to maintain the status quo, white supremacy and systematic racism in American society.
Part II: Essay. Please Answer the following question in 4-5 pages. Please feel free to write more if necessary. (Please be concise in constructing this essay)
1. Race invades every institution in our society and education and the criminal justice system is no exception. Education is an important institution. Based on your readings in Chapter 7 on Education and the lecture on Education, how are students of color impacted? Please explain what are some of the barriers to equal education using the information discussed by Dr. Aguirre, Holly Sklar, the film featuring Tim Wise, the film Tracking by 60 Minutes and the movie Walk Out. Why is it important for people not to look at the issues that plague the education institution on a micro level rather than a macro level? What is the school to prison pipeline? Explain the connection between education inequality and inequality in the criminal justice system in terms of education, poverty, gender and race. Discuss the Criminal Justice System and why education can be used as a deterrent and why we pour more money in the criminal justice system rather than the education system. What does Adam Foss discuss? Why is Deanna Van Buren discussion so important in understanding the connection between opportunity and incarceration? Finally, Chapter 13 speaks about The Future of Race. What is the future of race according to Fitzgerald and what can we do to make our society better?

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