RECREATE AN ADVERTISING STRATEGY (SOSTAC) that justifies this creative solution

Instructions: The following exercise should be answered as fully as possible. You will be graded according to the analytical techniques applied as well as the quality of your thinking. The extension of your response should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words and must be submitted to the ASSIGNMENT SECTION ON BLACKBOARD. This is an “open-book” assignment, and you may use class notes and literature references as long as you quote your sources. Please remember that this must be submitted through Turnitin, and as such, any plagiarism will be highlighted and treated according to IE policy.

Case Study:
This campaign was Amazon’s Superbowl commercial this year:

Based on this commercial, PLEASE RECREATE AN ADVERTISING STRATEGY (SOSTAC) that justifies this creative solution. In particular, please include the following points:-
• Recreate the brief that would have been given to the agency identifying the problem/opportunity
• Competitive copy analysis
• SWOT summary of your findings
• Target Group definition
• Defining the communication and media objectives
• Creative strategy
• Justification of the channel choice
• The metrics you would use to measure the campaign results and performance

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