Reflection on Achievement of Outcomes Concept Map

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The Concept Map must visuallyconnect all of the specified objectives (Program Outcomes, MSN Essentials, and NONPF Competencies)to course work(such as specific discussion board topics, written assignments, exams, lessons, and reading content).
All items should be labeled, for instance, label the objectives and label the course work you select with name of the assignment/reading/discussion board topic and which week it was introduced.
Use Microsoft Word or a PowerPoint to create a Concept Map. You can use the features found on the Insert tab of a Word doc (in the horizontal ribbon on the top of a Word doc page). For instance, if you click on “insert” you will see shapes and SmartArt. You can use a PowerPoint slide with shapes and lines to create a concept/mind map. This is not a PowerPoint presentation , but a PowerPoint slide can be used to draw the Map.
Outcomes/Competencies to be connected with course learning:
MSN Program Outcome #2:
Create a caring en
vironment for achieving quality health outcomes (Care-Focused).
MSN Essential VIII:
Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving Health
National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Competencies #4: Practice Inquiry Competencies
Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse applies and integrates broad, organizational, client-centered, and culturally appropriate concepts in the planning, delivery, management, and evaluation of evidence-based clinical prevention and population care and services to individuals, families, and aggregates/identified populations.
Your Concept Map will visually depict how you see the assignments of the course meeting the outcomes above.