Relationship Analysis Paper

A 1200-word paper analyzing an interpersonal relationship from a fictional movie or long-running TV series. Three concepts from the course, from three separate chapters, will be used to analyze the relationship. Outline due November 18 to indicate/explain relationship and concept choice. Paper due November 25.
You will write a paper analyzing a specific interpersonal relationship that is portrayed in a movie or fictional long-running TV show that you are familiar with. First, you must describe the relationship. Do NOT describe the plot of the movie or premise of the TV show; instead, use the details of the movie/TV show to tell me about the relationship. For example, you could describe the type of relationship, the level of commitment, whether the partners are satisfied or not, the qualities of the partners and/or their interactions. Next, you will apply three concepts, from three separate chapters, to that relationship in an attempt to explain the development, maintenance, success and/or demise of that relationship. Be sure to briefly explain each concept before applying it to the relationship. You do not need to use outside resources; using the text is sufficient. However, you must cite the textbook and references used within it correctly (i.e., to indicate that you are drawing from specific research the textbook cites or drawing from the textbook authors’ own ideas). Finally, you need to have some sort of a conclusion to integrate the main points of your paper, though this can be quite brief.

Textbook: Bradbury, T. N., & Karney, B. R. (2019). Intimate Relationships (3rd ed.). Norton.