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Students are expected to participate in this study group often throughout Unit One. Exact expectations for participation should be included in the Study Group Agreement. All students must post initial responses for all of these questions.
Group members as a whole will decide on a schedule as to how to proceed, so that there is some order to your approach and everyone has time to prepare based on the readings – do not allow the discussions to become fragmented and chaotic! You might want to assign one person to be the “leader” of each question to monitor the time-frames and contributions, just to keep things on track. It is up to you!
Discuss the Unit One questions now – the designated leader(s) will keep the discussions on track to ensure that all questions are addressed, and that the exchange of information in the group stays focused on these topics.
I have posted each of the questions in the Unit One discussion area for you.
Unit One – Management, Leadership, and the Context for Change
Ch 10 – Healthcare Organizations
Ch 11 Understanding Organizational Structures
Ch 1 Managing, Leading and Following
Ch 28- Developing the Role of Leader
Ch 29 Developing the Role of Manager

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