Report on Metrics

Assignment 2: Report on Metrics
This assignment provides you an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of course outcomes:
3. Select metrics that are aligned with the organization’s objectives in order to ensure organizational success
4. Formulate a plan for implementing a total rewards program in order to ensure success of the program
In this assignment, you will write and present a MS PowerPoint Presentation that describes and justifies the total rewards metrics that you propose. The course material provides examples of metrics and how they are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Total Rewards Program. At least three scholarly references from the course materials are to be presented in APA format, as well as respective in-text citations and relevant Web site documentation if information about the organization is taken from a Web site.
You will define the term metrics, explain how metrics are used to evaluate the success of the total rewards program, identify, describe, and provide examples of at least three metrics and share how you will collect the data for each metric and how you will set the benchmark or goal target for each that you would use to compute and analyze the Total Rewards Program in the organization you are studying in the course. Justification for the metrics linked to the organizational objectives, requisite competencies, and challenges should also be included.
At the least, the presentation will include the following segments:
1. Title Page
2. Introduction and Purpose of the Paper
3. Academic Definition of the Term Metric
4. Explanation of the Use of Metrics in Evaluating the Success of the Total Rewards Program
5. Three Metrics (Identify, Describe and Provide Examples AND share how you will collect the data for each metric AND how you will set the benchmark or goal target for each).
6. Justification of the Metrics Selected (Links to the Organization’s Success, Requisite Capabilities, Competencies and Challenges)
7. Conclusions
8. Reference Page (at least three scholarly sources from course materials)

Reference Book:
WorldatWork, & Dan Cafaro. (2020). The WorldatWork handbook of total rewards : A comprehensive guide to compensation, benefits, HR & employee engagement.