Research ideas for infographic + A short reflection paper

[About 750 words] A research paper on the history of 2 music genres: Kpop (Korean Pop) and US-UK. Please make it clear since I will use the research to create an infographic.

[About 100 words] A brief statement indicating the law (fair dealing) under which the project will be produced.

[250 words] A reflection on the technical challenges of addressing copyright issues in the creative process -> As a reference, this is the original instruction for my whole project:
“Imagine yourself as a new media start up, tasked with creating interesting content for a larger production company interested in licensing your work. This production company is a non-profit organization with a creative vision for a future built around more open access to culture. All of their projects are non-commercial and user funded.
You will create a new media mashup work using any combination of digital media of their choosing. The final work will be accompanied by an appropriate license statement (creative commons) allowing the production company to use your work, and attribution details with a short statement of any pending or necessary “filing” issues. This assignment will be non-commercial and protected under the fair dealing exception of the Act”

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