Research paper on Futuristic Disruptive Technology

Words: 357
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Write a paper on any futuristic technology that can disrupt the market.

The paper should cover the following:

Points 1 (and 1a), 2, 8 are required and cover 2 more points out of 3,4,5,6,7 (5 points in total).
2000 words (approx. 4 pages).
Make sure you put title, headings, and sub-headings.

1. Description of the technology e.g. NFT, Solid State Batteries, Cryptocurrencies (beyond bitcoin and their platforms), Blockchain platforms, skylink internet or others, SDN, Beyond 5G, Beyond 802.11ac, ag, ax, ay, Wifi 6, Project loon, Facebook Aquila, IPV6, smart cities, smart infrastructure, 6G, 7G, Wifi7, deep space communication (like 5G on the moon), SETI, fiber optics, IOPL, PoE, etc.
(DO NOT WRITE ABOUT 5G because this is an opportunity found today and the goal of the paper is to research and write about opportunities that might come tomorrow or in the future.)
For the Description: Identify the technology and describe it (what is it, what are the nuts and bolts of it, how does/doesn’t it work)

1a. The current state of the marketplace (How is it done now?) and how will it change the way things are done. What will this technology replace?

2. How is it futuristic? What kind of disruption can it bring to the market? How can businesses take advantage of this technology?

3. How will people/industry react to the product?

4. What jobs will be displaced/created?

5. Is it a fad/or is it here to stay because it is making a real difference?

6. What companies are involved in this space/business?

7. Social / Ethical responsibility?

8. Conclusion