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As a novice reader of research, it is important to note the quality of studies you read as well as the authority and credibility of the resource for the information. When studies are published in peer-reviewed journals or on authoritative websites, readers can assume that the information was reviewed and/or critiqued by the journal’s editorial board and specialized healthcare reviewers.
Step 4 in the research process is identifying the theoretical or conceptual framework to guide the study. Every study has a framework, but not every study is based on a theory or model (Polit & Beck, 2018). If the theoretical or conceptual framework was not a major component of the focus of the study, the authors may not mention the framework that guided the study in the published article. Yet, when critiquing a study, readers need to be able to identify the theory, if addressed by the authors of the study.
Assignment Directions (edited 6-5-21) ARD
1. Select a new research study focused on your PICO question. If you already identified 3 research studies for your EBP Project, you do not need to select any more studies. Choose one of the 3 research studies already selected and approved and save the PDF copy of the study in this assignment. (2 points) Remember to reference the study in the correct APA format. (2 points)
2. Identify the research design? (2 points) Did the authors collect quantitative or qualitative data or both types of data? (2 points) Highlight in the article. (1 point)
The topic is pressure injury
3. Did the authors identify a theoretical or conceptual framework in the article? If yes, what was the name of the framework? (3 points) Highlight in the article. (1 point)
4. What population (1 point) was chosen to select the sample for the study and what was the sample size? (2 points) Highlight in the article. (1 point)
5. Did the authors address the protection of human subjects such as IRB approval or other ethical considerations? (2 points) Highlight in the article. (1 point)
5. How were data analyzed in the study? (2 points) If your article was a quantitative study, what statistical tests were used to analyze the study? If your study was qualitative, how were the narrative data analyzed? (2 points) Highlight in the article. (1 point)