Response to an Adverse Report

In this task, you will be advocating for the client and preparing a response to a Design Examination Report.
Title: Response to an Adverse Report
Individual assignment
Type: Written response to an adverse examination report
Weighting: 40%
Word count: 2,500 words (this includes the written response and the body of the Statutory Declaration, but excludes footnotes, headings and annexures)
Available: from Monday, February 27
Due Date: Monday, April 3 at 9 AM
Referencing style: AGLC4
When submitting your assignment, be sure to upload: (i) a written letter in response to the adverse report; and (ii) a Declaration (if applicable). These can be submitted as separate files.
You do not need to add a cover sheet to your response. By submitting you are agreeing to the Declaration and Statement of Authorship below.
Detailed instructions for the task can be found below, along with the rubric.