Rewarding and Development Talent

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This week’s readings highlight the importance of effective and well-designed development and reward systems. In this weeks discussion board, respond to the following statements. Be sure to number your responses. Please carefully proofread and edit your posting for typos, grammar, and clarity.
Describe the development and reward systems for your job. This would include all the different ways your organization (a) encourages your development and (b) rewards you for your efforts (this would include your fixed and variable pay as well as any benefits you may receive). If you are not currently employed, describe your most recent past job. Be sure to focus on your own job rather than the organization as a whole.
How effective are these systems? Be sure to discuss the effectiveness of both the (a) development system and (b) reward system, providing sufficient explanation to justify your opinion about their effectiveness.
Provide one suggestion about how to improve the development system or reward for your job (pick one or the other).
Note: Be sure to offer a suggestion for improvement in point 3 rather than stating that nothing can be improved.

The company I work for is a Mortgage Company and I am an underwriting Manager