Rhetorical summary and analysis

Words: 291
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

In two short paragraphs, conduct a rhetorical summary and analysis of the text. In a brief first paragraph, summarize the main points and argument of the text selection.

In the second paragraph, analyze the rhetorical effectiveness of the text. Did you find the text persuasive? Why or why not? What were the main ethos, pathos, and logos appeals? What did you feel was the intended audience of the text? Did you find the style appealing or unappealing? What kind of tone was the author using? Did the tone “work?”

Be within the required word count (200-300 words)
Have a topic sentence that includes the title, author, and claim of the source text

Be in MLA format (10-12 point font in Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier with 1″ margins)
Include the word count of the summary at the bottom of the page