Seafood aquaculture-farmed fish

Chef TuccilloCulinary 3 Term Paper Topic:The term paper is an in-depth study that is discovered through extensive review of literaturepertaining to the central idea of the pursued topic. In a sense, it is the exhaustive review ofliterature review component of a larger research piece. This is an in-depth pursuit that requiresreading and synthesizing that reading into a larger research piece. Because of the length oftime that it takes to produce such a paper, the expectation is for a substantial writtensubmission with proper citations.Select one of the following topics:1. Corn fed beef vs. grass fed beef2. Seafood aquaculture-farmed fish3. The term “Free range”4. Plant based protein alternativesEach of the above topics has raised strong issues in the public ranging from animal cruelty tosustainability. You will find that there are Pro’s and Con’s to each one. Each topic will have animpact on your culinary career and the possible decisions that you will make in the future.After familiarizing yourself with the selections, choose one that you feel that you wish to exploremore in depth.You will research the topic, uncovering what the controversies are and what the pro’s and con’sare. After your research, you should have formed an opinion regarding the topic.Your paper should include:An introduction of the topicThe issues at hand, (why it causes controversy)The pros and cons (the reasons for and against the topic)Most importantly, your stand on the topic and defend your reasoningThe paper should be at least 3 FULL pages.
You must format your paper in correct APA format and include citations and proper notations. Acover page is not necessary.The paper is to be submitted to the Blackboard Dropbox.Remember, plagiarism is theft!See attached rubric:Cul 3 Paper Rubric Student:Out ofInitial topic: Is the topic clearly introduced? Are theissues regarding the topic clearly identified? 20 ptsPros and Cons- Are all sides of the issue clearly laidout? Are the reasons for the positions clear? 30 ptsWriters position-Where does the writer stand onthe issue? Do they defend their position and aretheir reasons sound? 30 ptsWriting style: consistent with strong writing andresearch; grammar and spelling perfect; **Flesch-Kincaid scale of plus 9.015 ptsAPA formatting: proper citations, references,formatting5 ptsTotal:**Flesch-Kincaid scale is available through the proofing tab in MSWord under File-Options-Proofing statisticsand then Check the box that says “show readability