Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

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Subject: Premium Writing

(1) Focus on a particular killer: The paper should focus on a particular serial killer, mass murderer, school
shooter, terrorist, or cult killer. There should be two general sections of your paper. The first section is to provide
a comprehensive accounting of the background history (psychological, familial, social) of your killer and an
account of the killings they were involved in. The second section should apply the various theories, typologies,
and explanations discussed in this seminar that allow us to better understand/or explain this killers actions. As
well, any deviations from the commonly accepted theories, typologies, and explanations should be noted and
2) Focus on a substantive issue in the area of extreme killing. The paper should provide a literature review and a
critical analysis of the literature in an area of concern within the general area of extreme killing. For example, a
comparison of environmental vs. biological explanations of extreme killing; historical changes in prevalence and
trends; issues surrounding psychopathy and criminal vs. moral responsibility; a critical analysis of the various
typologies used to understand extreme killing; issues surrounding the treatment of psychopaths