Shared PracticeData Resources and Processes That Matter to Your Organization:: Sean’s Post

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Subject: Premium Writing

Respond to your colleagues in one or more of the
following ways: See (Seans Post) colleagues
post below:
Compare the examples of the effectiveness of promoting
a process-oriented culture in United Healthcare (insurance company) with
those presented by your colleague.
Offer your insights on how to gain buy-in from
different departments within United Healthcare (insurance company) on
processes that are necessary for the implementation of enterprise-wide
business information systems.
Expand on the ideas shared by your colleague, providing
additional insights or information that will help your colleague more
fully consider the issues surrounding organizational structure,
information systems/technology alignment, and the managers role in the
Describe how you might use the insights and information shared by your colleague to improve United Healthcare (insurance company).
Please put references in Alphabetical order.