Social determinants of health

Students will choose a current or past clinical case and write a briefing paper that describes the
relationship between a social determinant of health and a specific health outcome (e.g.,
childhood experiences and anxiety, or housing and asthma, etc.). The paper should include a
description of the clinical case/medical issue/background, the relevant social determinant of
health that impacts the situation, recommendations for change as demonstrated by the
action/intervention of the Registered Nurse, and systemic or health policy related
recommendations. Recommendations for change and reasons why (medical and social) should
be based on three – five peer reviewed/published articles on the topic. Students may find the
following website helpful in completing this assignment:
The paper should be a maximum of five pages (excluding references and appendices) using APA
7th edition format: double-spaced, 12-point font, minimum 1 margins.