Starbucks case study

This week students will read and critically analyze a case study relating to diversity management in organizations. The case study provided is suitable for students to examine:
The challenges of diversity training and how to make it work
The concept of organization employees managing a diverse customer base
The importance and benefits of diversity management for organizations
Students will answer the following questions:
1. (10 points) Explain what happened in this racially-based incident at Starbucks. What went wrong at the store’s worker level? Were they providing equal service to customers? NOTE – this was the most prominent example, but there have been other examples of racism allegations at other Starbucks.
2. (10 points) What did Starbucks actively do about correcting the racial equity, diversity, and inclusion issues within its brand? How did they work to train their employees? This may require additional research to uncover their response.
3. (20 points) Based on this case and your research online about Starbucks efforts (you can review peer reviewed academic articles, industry journals, and widely circulated news reports)- form an opinion and support with citations and sources – Did Starbuck’s response adequately address the issue for training and talent development of its employees?
4. (10 points) Support your written work via in-text citations and supporting references formatted to APA style -7th edition.

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