summary and reflection/supply/demand effect; details in instructions

Words: 333
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

1. Explore effects on the market equilibrium. Go online and find an article(s) that reports on a scenario where both demand and supply are affected by 2 different events. You may use multiple articles (MUST be peer-reviewed articles) as long as you consider the SAME market.

2. Identify which effect affects demand.

3. Identify which effect affects supply.

4. Write a brief summary and your reflection on which of the two (demand effect or supply effect) had the biggest influence on the market (price and quantity).

I have an example here on YouTube showing what the professor did. Using supply demand model:

5. To complete your reflection, you will write about 275-300 words. You need to include your graphs to support your analysis. You will need to cite all sources in APA 7th ed. format which at minimum will
include the textbook and the current events article(s) describing the scenario you’re basing your assignment around. The textbook MUST be used and it is called: Economics 21st ed. authors are: McConnell, Brue, and Flynn The ISBN # 9781259723223. The course I am taking is Macroeconomics. The professor said the textbook MUST be used.