What are your critical thoughts about the material or some aspect of the material we covered in this module?

Reflection and Analysis Papers—Guidelines You will complete a 2-page reflection and analysis paper per module! The due date is the last Sunday of the module at 11:59pm. The reflection and analysis paper is designed to give you a chance to engage further with and think through the material we’re covering on your own terms. Please keep in mind there is no right or wrong, so you can feel free to use this an exploration. Writing can be a way of processing, just like dancing! So, when I’m writing I tend to consider that I’m first improvising—getting words on a page and not worrying too much about it; then I’m choreographing—arranging my verbal ideas; and finally, I review to make sure that what I’ve come up with reflects what I was hoping to “say.” After a comprehensive engagement with the questions and materials in this module (including: the readings, the videos, lectures, and discussions) consider the following (you can choose one bullet point or a few—these are just to give you some starting points): What is your point of view/opinion about some aspect of what we covered in this module? What struck you, stood out, made you wonder (and if you’re wondering, what about)? How does your historical perspective shape your POV/opinions and have you noticed any shift so far that have emerged from what we’re covering in the class? What are your critical thoughts about the material or some aspect of the material we covered in this module? Respond to one (or several) of the questions provided in this module (see the introduction to each week/module for questions to spark your interest). Did the question provoke any further thoughts? Did the readings/videos/discussion change your initial impression or response? If so, how? Reference at least one reading and one video in each journal entry. Use proper citations. Are there any comparisons you’d like to make with previous materials we covered, discussions we had, other dance you’ve seen or read about outside of class? You can also compare to a different area of study. Again, these are opinions/ideas journals—there is no right or wrong! Further details: Each submission should be at least 500 words (2 pages) of the actual journal entry (excluding any headers, like your name, etc.). Use double spacing and 12-point font. Since this is a writing practice, use complete sentences and structure the paper as you would an essay. Check spelling and grammar! Submit to the link in Canvas for each Module.