Identify, define, and analyze the problem, and then provide a solution to address it.

The purpose of your essay is to identify, define, and analyze the problem, and then provide a solution to address it. You’ll use the third-person point of view. Your audience is made up of college classmates. Many will agree with you, while others will disagree. You need to present evidence to support your analysis and solution and convince your audience through the strength of your argument and the feasibility of your solution, to side with you. The argument essay is 1,600–1,800 words and must incorporate a minimum of four secondary sources. The required secondary sources are At least two articles from Penn Foster’s digital library database, Gale Academic USE THESE TWO GALE SOURCES Select at least one nonprofit or government organization (.org, .edu, and .gov.) One source that you choose. Avoid using more than six. You’ll be using APA citation and documentation style to give credit to your sources. Begin with an introduction that gives a broad overview of your topic. End this introduction with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement must make your argument and name three supporting reasons. These reasons must be named in the same order they’re discussed in the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph must describe one reason, with the exception of the last body paragraph before the conclusion; this paragraph must consider your opposition. End with a conclusion that reinforces your thesis statement and name your three reasons.